The Use of Persuasion in Marketing

Psychology and persuasion play a significant role in marketing and business success. Marketers have the power to capture the public’s attention, influence the undecided, and motivate purchases. The science behind influence comes from social psychology. With research, trial and error, and reading psychology books such as Books and Influence: Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini, we can learn and understand how to develop our communication skills to influence individual’s decisions. 

These are the six principles of persuasion you could apply to your marketing strategy:

1. Reciprocity: A request preceded by an unexpected gift; give something to get something. 

2. Commitment/Consistency: The Principle of Commitmentis based on the desire to look and appear like a person with consistent attitudes and behavior over time. Once we are committed, we are more likely to continue with this plan.

3. Social Proof: People follow what other people do. Instead of telling people what to do, tell them what other people do. 

4. Sympathy/Likeability: People are more attracted to others who like them. Make sure to authentically, naturally and believably thank and be grateful to your consumer.

5. Authority: Customers tend to buy things from people they trust and an individual or a business with authority on the subject. 

6. Scarcity: People need to know what they may miss out on if they don’t act quickly – things are more attractive when we risk losing the opportunity to acquire them. 


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